If you give a girl a puppy…

Recently, my family got our first ever puppy. I had been begging for YEARS to get a dog, and my dreams finally came true! Little did I know, my dreams became even better than ever expected. We adopted an 8-week old maltese-poodle puppy. We never even knew how much joy she could bring to our lives. Now she is one year old, and I have complied a list of five things that will happen if you give a girl a puppy…

  1. If you give a girl a puppy, she will not be able to wipe the smile off her face.

14917292_1334278456606503_7029475745688257099_oNo matter the breed, size, or color, any puppy is sure to plant an unstoppable smile on her face. Every single thing that the puppy does is simply adorable, causing so much joy for her.

2. If you give a girl a puppy, she will learn so much.


I’ll be honest. I was not expecting a puppy to be so much work. Because of my puppy, I have learned so much- not only about taking care of a dog, but also time management and knowing how it feels to have someone depending on me.

3. If you give a girl a puppy, she will become a homebody.


Before I got my dog, I would call myself an extrovert, always wanting to hang out with friends, exploring cities around us, and so on. But now, I like to be home as much as possible. I miss my puppy every time that I am not home!

4.  If you give a girl a puppy, she will have a new best friend.


I now understand why people are so obsessed with their dogs, even including them as members of their family. I consider my dog my best friend- she is constantly by my side, always happy to see me, and brings me so much joy! Plus, she never gossips about me ūüėČ

5. If you give a girl a puppy, she will never be the same.

14574135_1870216466531509_2834736809735356416_n(1)To say that my life now is different would be an understatement. As silly as this sounds, my dog has changed my life. She has taught me to live in the moment and to appreciate every day that we are given. I love you Phoebe!


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