When I See A Dance Mom

Taken from my 7 years on dance team and 12 years in studio dance, I know a dance mom when I see one. Yes, they can sometimes be like the moms from the show Dance Moms, but mostly just the good sides that you see on that show. Dance moms are the backbone of any dancer, dance studio, and dance team that I have ever been a part of. Thank you, dance moms from dancers everywhere.

When I see a dance mom, I see a fan.


Regardless of the category, costume or choreography, dance moms have a beaming pride about them as they whole-heartedly watch their baby girl dance. They sport their button with their child’s face on it as they yell their daughter’s name, and shed a tear as the heart-tugging lyrical dance begins. They scream their lungs out after the team lands their turns in second, or hits a stunt they have spent hours practicing on. They are a fan because they can see the physical and mental growth their child has endured thanks to dance.

When I see a dance mom, I see a life-saver.

Whether it be a last minute sewing of the costume, buying eyelashes, or just words of encouragement, dance moms are life-savers for their dancers. From experience, I do not think I could count on my hand a number of times my mom has come to the rescue at dance competitions.

When I see a dance mom, I see a fundraising extraordinaire.

We are all aware that public schools everywhere are facing budget cuts; fine arts and sports seem to be the place schools stop funding first. Dance team would not be funded without fundraisers, and fundraisers would not be successful without dance moms. They are the ones who go door to door selling cheesecakes, or who wake up early to volunteer at a community function on the dancer’s behalf. Their successful Lularoe pop-up-parties or football game concession stands fund the dancer’s dreams. Not to mention, some mom’s choose to pay out of pocket instead of fundraising to friends and family.

When I see a dance mom, I see someone who would do anything for their dancer.

Dance moms are a special breed. Their loyalty to not only their dancer, but also to the dance team or studio is exceptional. They see the literal blood, sweat, and tears, that dancers put into a successful season, and they understand how much work it takes. Dance team is not a sport for the faint-hearted, and being a dance mom is no easy sport either. Thank you dance moms, you are the music to our dance.



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