A Thank You to Youth Pastors

Youth Pastors, thank you. Two words that mean so much, but that you do not hear often enough. My intent in writing this open letter to you is that you would know how appreciated you are for not only everyone in the church, but specifically from your students.

Thank you for enduring the long bus rides.


A church camp, retreat or mission trip is not possible without traveling by bus in the church world. Thank you for enduring 5, 10, 15 hours in a bus with 80 students at a time. The term “charter bus” is not as glamorous as it sounds. Often all 80 students break out into song, whether it be from the movie that is playing or a favorite worship song at the moment. You also manage to cope with hearing, “are we there yet?” every 20 minutes or so. Or for stopping when we were hungry, though you warned us to eat before we come and to pack snacks. Thank you for dealing with us on the bus rides, for those are some of our favorite memories as a youth group.

Thank you for sacrificing family time for us.

Often times events and even church services prohibit you from spending time with your family, thank you for spending it with us. Through these times you have created life long memories at church camps, VBS, mission trips, lock-ins, midweek, and Sunday school. We know that it is not easy to be away from family for these events or for when one of us needs something, but we can always count on you being there for us and we are forever grateful for that.

Thank you for teaching us about Jesus.

Finally and most importantly, thank you for teaching us about Jesus. Because of your leadership and guidance, we are ready to conquer the world in a bold way as Christ followers. You have expanded the kingdom in your teachings and exemplifying what a life like Jesus looks like. From there, we will share with our friends and families, and the effects are enormous. You truly are touching a tomorrow you’ll never see. Thank you for teaching us about the love of Jesus.  13511976_1228486293852387_6816053882105746873_n



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